Use of “cookies”

The use of “cookies” by the website enables delivery of a service with complete functionality and the best possible content to the user. Cookies are a collection of data created by the website server and saved as a tiny text file on the user’s hard drive by the web browser.

We constantly strive to provide our users with the best possible user experience, so it should be noted that our websites work optimally only if cookies are enabled. We need your permission to use “cookies” in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act, and EU Directives. By using this website, you agree to the usage of cookies and grant your consent for their use. You can still view the website if you disable cookies, but some of its features won’t be available to you. A session cookie is established while surfing and placed on the user’s computer only for the duration of the visit, allowing them to utilize more effectively. This cookie expires automatically when the user shuts his browser. Websites cannot access information that you have not provided to them or access other files on your computer, so additional information like your name or email address won’t be kept.

External service cookies

In addition to allowing specific third parties to place their own cookies on users’ computers, Valtrazza employs its own cookies on its websites. The user agrees to the use of cookies and third-party services by using the website. Google Analytics is an illustration of an external service that is utilized for statistics attendance in order to learn more about the market success of sites. Google analytics has more information available.

How can cookies be disabled?

You can choose whether or not to allow cookies to be stored on your computer by turning them off. Your internet browser has settings for controlling and configuring cookies.

By choosing that option in your browser’s Tools/Options menu, you are allowed to refuse receiving cookies. In all circumstances where a user chooses to restrict the receipt of cookies, Valtrazza disclaims all liability for any loss of functionality and/or quality of the content of the website Users are always assumed to be aware of and in agreement with these terms of use and cookie-related choices.