About us

The furniture showroom Valtrazza was opened in 1991, through these years we have learned a lot by working with various tastes of people from all over the world. We learned the importance of furnishing apartments, houses, vacation apartments, hotels, motels, coffee bars, hairdressing and beauty salons and other rooms that should satisfy the requirements and preferences of the customers who will live or just stay in these rooms for some time.

As a small family company we have always given our best to our customers to be satisfied, our goal is to fulfill all the customer’s wishes, the greatest pleasure for us is when the customer is satisfied and he recommends us to someone.

About Us


Valtrazza is a specialized furniture store with a long tradition of furnishing apartments, houses, villas, residential properties, business offices, vacation apartments… A large offer of kitchens, armchairs, chairs, tables… An excellent service at great prices, own rolling-stock and mounting service…

All activities in the company are aimed towards quality, prompt and professional meeting the needs from domain of furniting your living space. Quality products at low prices with professional service are certainly the characteristics of Valtrazza recognized on the market.